Billboard Locations


Your advertising success starts with the right billboard location. Not every JGI billboard location is perfect for everyone but every JGI billboard location is perfect for someone. At JGI Outdoor, we help businesses small and large grow, by matching the perfect billboard location to your business goals.

Billboards communicate effectively to every segment of society. All Races. All Ages. All Education Levels. Rich. Poor. Immigrant. Citizen. Local Residents. Commuters. Long Distance Travelers. Visitors. Workers. Tourists. Billboards reach them all. Billboards influence people who can be difficult to reach with other types of advertising. You might not watch TV, but you drive to work. You might only listen to your iPhone or satellite radio in the car, but you will see billboards around you as you drop the kids off at school. Even people who use public transportation are exposed to billboards. You can’t turn them off, and you can’t tune them out.

…did we mention LOCATION?

Understanding your audience is the key to selecting the perfect JGI billboard location. Everyone is not an ideal customer for your business, so it’s super important that you shout the right message to the right people. If your business is reliant on local customers, then choose a local billboard to point customers toward your store. If you just want to reach as many people as possible, advertise on a billboard location along a busy stretch of road. Advertising on a JGI billboard is like having a satellite office. Allowing you to “be” in locations that your business is not. Conveying credibility and stability.

The JGI sales team knows every billboard location in each of their territories like the back of their hand. Proudly assisting businesses like yours for over 25 years, and with more than one thousand JGI billboard locations on major freeways and country roads throughout Texas, Louisiana and New Mexico, you can trust your JGI sales rep to make excellent location recommendations that will influence your customers where they live, work and play, and that match your budget, goals and needs.

We’ll help you Get Noticed with Strategic Advertising done right! Every JGI billboard location is perfect for someone. Are YOU that someone? Let’s find out.